Actual footage of the depths where this extraordinary "visit" was experienced, according to Google Earth.
IMG_1438 IMG_1441 IMG_1444 IMG_1457 IMG_1462 IMG_1465 IMG_1496 IMG_1514 IMG_1528 IMG_1535 IMG_1541 IMG_1547 IMG_1571 IMG_1586 IMG_1589 IMG_1620 IMG_1670 IMG_1673 IMG_1708 JIN 1 Jin LOCAL FISHERMAN Lone sailor going same way lots of tanker traffic inside Barrier Reef Main Sail Repair many isles Most famous coconut tree in world Provisions Tankers! Torres Straits Booby Isl Torres Straits WILD CLAMS Aboard Prawn Trawler Annette and Family Annette and Francois  - boat neighbors Annette AU Shrimps!! BEACHES! Best Seafood in World boat auction boat auction1 Boat Painting Boe Broken window after near pitchpole Broken Window2 Cairns downtown Cairns Swimming Pool Can get cold in AU! CONGRATS  FR JIN ON ARRIVAL CAIRNS DIDJERIDOO DIDJERIDOOS drogues warps DROGUES_WARPS east coast fixing rig IMG_0027 IMG_0039 IMG_0046 IMG_0053 IMG_0105 IMG_0138 IMG_0754 IMG_0951 IMG_1158 IMG_1287 IMG_1353 IMG_1392 IMG_1406 IMG_1409 IMG_1413 IMG_1415 IMG_1429
_dont do without_ - Curly African History Bed in galley Calm night-in berth Changing zincs in Africa Clocks - Time zones CLOCKS GALORE Film equipment Film Equipment2 Flying Fish Having a rest Having a rest2 Hunting for a snake in the boat - Fiji mangoandme mangoandme2 my favorite spot Napping Nav and Editing Computers Packing up-back in USA Pirates_ Pirates-no proudly clean Shearwater changes hands DSCF0011 DSCF0103 IMG_0257 IMG_0285 IMG_0679 IMG_0929 IMG_1013 IMG_1115 IMG_1732 IMG_1767 Pasta!
DSCF0028 DSCF0029 DSCF0035 IN A LOCK Karol and Kelly Kelly Lesley preparing as canal crew Kelly Leslay at Helm Lesley before hard work Lesley Kelly Loading of tires Locks Looking west to Canal from Shelter Bay Pacific and 2 Linehandlers Pacific Partner boat through canal Shelter Bay with tires for protection in canal Shelter Bay, Colon Shelter Bay THE BIG BOYS The Pacific Tire placement Addition to Canal in progress Advisor from Panama Canal Authority Crane part of Nazi War Reparations DSCF0008 DSCF0027
pre departure fuel pre departure fueling Riviera Beach Skyline as we head out Sean and David Shelley Sean Shelley, Sean and David Brent Departing Florida Departure escort - James and granddaughter and Lou Departure escort goes home DSCF0027 Engine full of water Florida Recedes Goodbye Florida Iryna Jim and David Jim JT Lesley on test run Mangoandme Marcy Michelle
Deck Repair 2 Deck repair DSCF0002 Fixed structural beams Fuel tank Galley Table Galley Galley2 Mast down repairs Open Wiring Port Head Rudder gone Spreaders off Mast The Galley Veins of Communication After Renovation Bare Walls Berth 2 berth Bimini structure Broken structural beams Cupboard
drogues warps Emergency Watermaker EPIRB FirstAid Jib in Bag One of Two Wind Generators Port Engine Radar Screen 1 Radar Screen Solar Panels spinnaker Watermaker Wind Generator 2 Wind Generator wing mast Wingmast1 WingMast2 WingMast3 wingmast4 Abandon Ship Bag
Shearwater from mast head - after sale SunShade over Cockpit THIN! hulls Front of Galley Large hatch S Long shot S side Main sail bag and mast Main Winches Port Electric S Side down handrail Shearwater fr stern 2
Port Berth Port Helm Refrig Circuit and Nav table S Berth from front S Berth S head 3 S Head shower Cockpit both helms Cockpit fr S side Cockpit from P side Galley 1 kitchen Galley and seats 1 Over port helm P head 1 P Shower
David Bahamas Departure for Bahamas Departure setting the course! Departure to Bahamas Drug plane wreck Bahamas DSCF0004 DSCF0005 DSCF0006 DSCF0007 engine of plane Mango and Bahamian Sands Mango at bow Mango in squall Mango Mangoandme in dinghy to beach mangoandme underway Mangoandme Nice sharks P6056208 Panorama Sunset Panorama Sunset and Shearwater Ray living in plane wreck Shearwater at anchor Shearwater off Galliot Cut Spinnaker Squall 1 squall taking dn sails squall taking down sails squall Water of the Bahamas What I would see at the helm Zach at Helm Zack fixing the sink Zack a footish view Bahamas Sands Bahamas Waters Bahamas Bahamian Sands Bahamian Waters Capt David In A Squall David at plane wreck fr underwater
TO SANTIAGO DE CUBA cars!! cars! Commisioning a painting COMMISSION CUBAN ARTIST Cuban Authorities Cuban friends Cubans! CUSTOMS….NO STAMP IN PASSPORT DSCF0032 Entrance to Santiago de Cuba Fort overlooking entrance harbor Herno S d Cuba Mango and guard Panorama of Harbor Rough Seas on app to Cuba Rough Seas s. of Cuba S D CUBA S D CUBA1 S D CUBA2 S. de Cuba Santiago d Cuba Santiago de Cuba 1 SANTIAGO DE CUBA Shearwater at dock S. de Cuba Shearwater dock….entrance to harbor behind
 Port Antonio096  Port Antonio115 Ackee Guest Chef Port Antonio Mango Bribery Mango Extortion 2 Mango Extortion Port  Antonio 111 Port Antonio 119 Port Antonio 122 Port Antonio 179 Port Antonio 197 Port Antonio Port Antonio108  Port Antonio 110
Prep for Pacific1 PREP FOR THE PACIFIC repainting SVEN ZIMMERMANN ELECTRONICS EXPERT CARMENZA Cartagena Skyline Cartagenians Club Nautico DECK REPAIRS DSCF0049 ELSA AND MANGO In Harness INSTALL 2ND AUTOPILOT Mains sail work Mango about to fly home Nestor doing rigging Prep for Pacific
Michael San Blas Islands San Blass Islands2 CARMEN Coast of Panama DSCF0012 DSCF0018 DSCF0033 MARSHA
Jumped onto back tramp and spent the night My Guest San Cristobal Galapagos San Cristobal Sea Lions Rule Sea Lions Siesta in San Cristobal DSCF0043 IMG_0116
3000 miles to go Always cooked Heading West into the sunset IMG_0218 IMG_0257 IMG_0267 IMG_0285 IMG_0293 IMG_0327 IMG_0340 Nuku Hiva Peaks of Nuku Hiva Sacrificial Alter Shearwater off Nuku HIva
IMG_0369 IMG_0374 off Tahiti Passing Blue  Sky Shearwater off Tahiti IMG_0344
IMG_0422 IMG_0437 IMG_0450 IMG_0453 IMG_0454 IMG_0457 Marsters and his 3 wives PALMERSTON 9 PALMERSTON 12 Shearwater off Palmerston Shearwater Palmerston Built from shipwreck by William Marsters
Hmmm. IMG_2044 IMG_2047 IMG_2051 IMG_2054 IMG_2056 IMG_2064 IMG_2074 IMG_2085 IMG_2090 Indonesian influence Islamic Influence Approach to anchorage off
WARD, SEPKE, FLOR Caverns CREW FOUR BOATS - SYMI, SMALL NEST, BLAU PENQUIN, SHEARWATER Fringing reefs IMG_2161 IMG_2202 Mauritius Rodriguez Tortoises of Rodriguez
Mystery Richards Bay S. Africa Risk and potential saviour S African Immigration BED IN MAIN GALLEY First view of S African Coast
IMG_0602 IMG_0609 IMG_0612 IMG_0614 IMG_0619 IMG_0625 IMG_0633 IMG_0635 IMG_0650 IMG_0653 MESNIER FAMILY Napoleon's Home in Exile Napoleon's Tomb IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0599
Royal Passengers and Nanny IMG_0716 IMG_0758 IMG_0821 NANNY LYN RATTLE ROYAL GUESTS MIC AND MOUSE
Wingmast! Arrival at same dock First step Image 005 Image Shelley welcome